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MP2128multi Multi Rotor UAV Autopilot
MP2128<sup>multi</sup> Multi Rotor UAV Autopilot

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Product Code: A-2128-MULTIRG2

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Product Details Technical Specs
Like all autopilots in the MP2x28 series, the MP2128multi provides extraordinary user definability. Its open architecture provides the end user with full documentation, access to gains and the ability to load your own code using MicroPilot's XTENDER Software Developer's Kit, making it not only the smallest VTOL autopilot in the world, but also one of the most versatile at a price point never before seen in helicopter autopilots. Using proven MicroPilot technology, this autopilot is upward compatible with the popular MP2028g and MP2128g, giving you the ability to use gains and other settings over MicroPilot's entire 2x28 autopilot series.

MP2x28 Product Tour
  • Based on proven MicroPilot autopilot technology, the MP2128MULTI can fly fixed-wing, heli and multi rotor UAVs
  • 150 mips RISC processor accommodates your current needs and tomorrow's requirements
  • Upward compatible with the entire MP2x28g series of autopilots
  • Flies fixed wing, heli and multi-rotor vehicles
  • Hover at or fly through waypoints
  • Powerful command set
  • Fully integrated with 3-axis gyros/ accelerometers, GPS, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, all on a single circuit board
  • Extensive data logging and telemetry collects the data you need
  • 3-D Compass Module that provides heading information, wind velocity and direction data
  • Includes HORIZONmp ground control software at no additional charge

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MP2128HELI2 Starter Kit

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MP2128<sup>HELI2</sup> Starter Kit
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trueHWIL<sup>mp 2128HELI </sup>Sensorless autopilot

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trueHWILmp Simulator

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trueHWIL<sup>mp</sup> Simulator