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in Professional UAV Autopilots since 1994

Weighing in at only 28 grams, MicroPilot's MP2x28g2 raised the bar around the world for functionality and value in small UAV autopilots when it was introduced in 2004. Paired with this full feature UAV autopilot, our HORIZONmp ground control software provides a user friendly point-and-click interface for mission planning, parameter adjustment, flight monitoring and mission simulation. Building on the success of these proven innovations, MicroPilot also provides a series of autopilots, software, accessories and customized UAV training and integration services to more than 1500 clients in 100 countries.
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MP2128HELI2 UAV Autopilot MP2128HELI3 UAV Autopilot

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Our Price: (Members Only)
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MP2128<sup>HELI2</sup> UAV Autopilot MP2128<sup>HELI3</sup> UAV Autopilot
Based on proven MicroPilot autopilot technology, it flies fixed wing and heli UAVs. Upward compatible with the MP2x28ᵍ² series of autopilots. Includes Ublox 4hz GPS module, and compass module. Supports fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing. Based on proven MicroPilot autopilot technology, the 3rd generation autopilot flies fixed wing and heli UAVs. Upward compatible with the MP2x28ᵍ² series of autopilots.

With ARINC 653 partitioned RTOS certifiable up to DO-178C DAL A, the MP2128HELI3 autopilot is ready to meet the UAV industry’s safety requirements.

MP21283X Triple Redundant UAV Autopilot HORIZONmp Ground Control Station Software

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Our Price: (Members Only)
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MP2128<SUP>3X</SUP> Triple Redundant UAV Autopilot HORIZON<sup>mp</sup> Ground Control Station Software
The MP21283X contains three of MicroPilot’s premier MP2128HELI2 autopilots, expertly designed to complete flight missions with high value payloads as well as over sensitive areas. Loaded with 11 serial ports, Eight redundant high current drivers and power supplies, and 16 independently-generated servo signals, the MP21283X sets new reliability standards within the industry. MP21283X provides the reliability UAV operators need to fly over sensitive regions and geographical areas that without triple redundancy offer little hope for recovering a lost vehicle.
Ground Control Station Software point and click mission planning, multi-UAV support, integrated simulator and much more. This software is sold with the purchase of an autopilot system.
trueHWILmp Simulator

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trueHWIL<sup>mp</sup> Simulator
MicroPilot's new True Hardware in the Loop (trueHWILmp) simulator offers UAV integrators and researchers the highest fidelity UAV autopilot simulation available on the market today.

All MicroPilot trueHWIL products are protected by US Patent 10,417,360 True Hardware In The Loop SPI Emulation.

  • Small size without sacrificing functionality; 28 grams, 4 cm by 10 cm
  • GPS waypoint navigation with altitude and airspeed hold
  • Completely independent operation including autonomous takeoff, bungee launch, hand launch and landing
  • Powerful script language command set
  • User friendly point-and-click interface
  • Runs on a Windows computer or laptop Video support
  • Multi-UAV support
  • Allows the operator to monitor the autopilot, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns and adjust feedback loop gains
  • Customize control laws for enhanced control of your airframe
  • Custom software
  • communicates to the
  • MP2x28 through the HORIZONmp
  • Ability to write custom GCS Includes all development
  • tools
  • Supports Linux & Windows CE
  • Extends the HORIZONmp to accept third party software that can access autopilot data (e.g. vision software)
  • Extends the autopilot to control custom payloads and collect data from custom sensors